The J&J Video Christmas Collections


The Joys of Christmas

Collections of shorts, cartoons, and special programs centered on the Christmas Theme


The Joys of Christmas Volume 1 of "The Joys of Christmas"

featured are the 1955 NBC Christmas eve special "An evening with Charles Laughton" - for a full hour Mr Laughton reads from the works of James Thurber, the Book of Daniel, the gospel according to Luke and Charles Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers". Taken from an original NBC Kinescope.

Also on this volume is the 1954 Christmas episode of Waterfront; "Christmas in San Pedro" with Preston Foster, Willie Best and Arthur Shields. There are several Christmas short subjects including 1957's Howdy Doody's Christmas.


The Joys of Christmas Volume 2 of "The Joys of Christmas"

featured are over 90 minutes of Christmas shorts including "No Room at the Inn", "Christmas Lace", "The Brightest Night" and more. The collection ends with The Patti Page show. This is the Christmas episode (Patti sings 4 or 5 songs) - but it should be noted, this was her 15 minute syndicated show, not the one sponsored by Oldsmobile!


The Joys of Christmas Volume 3 of "The Joys of Christmas"

featured are 4 half hour specials including one from 1950 called "The Guiding Star", The moving "No Escape from Christmas", The animated "The City that Forgot About Christmas" and Jim Backus telling the story behind the most famous Christmas letter of all "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".


The Joys of Christmas Volume 4 of "The Joys of Christmas"

featured are Two versions of Dickens’s "A Christmas Carol" - the first is narrated by Fredric March and stars Basil Rathbone as Scrooge - the second Stars March as Scrooge, with Rathbone as Jacob Marley. This one is a musical with lyrics by Maxwell Anderson and music composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann. It was originally shown on Christmas Eve, 1954 as part of the CBS/Desilu "Shower of stars". Rounding out the two hours on this volume are 4 Holiday shorts


The Joys of Christmas Volume 5 of "The Joys of Christmas"

featured is a newsreel from 1945, a Visit to Santa - 1963, A Visitor for Christmas, Joe Santa Claus - 1951, a small collection of theatrical trailers for Christmas movies, the stable boy's Christmas and more.


Joys of Christmas Vol 6

A Christmas Dream

A present for Santa Claus - 1957

Charlie's Christmas Project

Christmas all year round

Christmas Bus


Joys of Christmas Vol 7

Christmas Day Dreams

Christmas Rhapsody

Christmas sing-a-long 02

Christmas Visitor

I will Take you to the Christ Child


Vol 8 (Christmas around the world)

Christmastime in Europe

Child's Christmas in Whales

Christmas in Appalachia with Charles Kuralt


Joys of Christmas Vol 9

Elves and the Shoemaker

god's Christmas Gift

Holy Night

How The Animals discovered Christmas

Little Drummer Boy

little lamb


Joys of Christmas Vol 10

little shepherd and the 1st Christmas

Martin the Cobler

Merry Christmas - 1950

Mickey Plays Santa


Joys of Christmas Vol 11 (the Night Before)

Night Before Christmas (Rakin Bass)

Night Before Christmas (castle)

Night Before Christmas (EB films)

night before christmas - 1956

the fright before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Norman Luboff)


Joys of Christmas Vol 12

Our First Christmas

Santa Claus Suit

Santa in animal land

Santa's Workshop - Night before Christmas

Santa Claus punch and judy

Story Line (color) A Baby Named Jesus

Story Line (mono) Led By A Star


Vol 13  Christmas at Menlo Park

A Christmas Accident (Edison) - 1897

A Christmas Carol (Edison) - 1910

A Holiday Pagent at home (Christmas 1901)

A Trap for Santa - 1909

A Winter Straw Ride - Edison - 1906

Night Before Christmas (Edison) - 1905

Santa Claus (A Fantasy-night before Christmas) 1925

Santa vs Cupid (Edison) - 1915

The Wrong Santa Claus (Edison) - 1914


Vol 14  Christmas Animation part 1

1939 - peace on earth (Harmon)

Alias Saint Nick

A Christmas tree - 1959

Christmas up north

Cosmic Christmas

Fleischer - Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Jack Frost (1934)

Little Drummer Boy (Rankin Bass)


Vol 15 Christmas animation part 2

Merry Mirthworm Christmas

Santa and the Three Bears - 1970

Silent Night, Holy Night

Small One & A Snowy Day


Vol 16 Christmas Animation part 3

The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (1933)

Tom And Jerry - The Night Before Christmas - '41

Toyland Broadcast,  Bedtime For Sniffles

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Norman Luboff)

Those Beautiful Dames

What is Christmas - 1973


Joys of Christmas Vol 17

F. W. Woolworths Christmas

McDonalds Christmas Commercial - 1976

Singer Christmas Commercial

Miracle On 34th Street - 1957

Christmas Looking

Christmas is….

Story of Christmas (NFBoC)


Special: The Toons of Christmas

2 hours of animated classics from Fleischer,

Harmon Ising, Iwerkes (highlights from our

three volumes of Christmas Animation)



Television  Christmas

Each DVD contains 4 holiday episodes of classic TV shows


Volume 1

Your Hit Parade - 1955

Annie Oakley - Santa Wears A Gun - 1957

Betty White - A Date With The Angels - 1957

Burns & Allen - 1951


Volume 2

Capt. Gallant - the boy who found Christmas - 1955

Coke Time - 1955

Crossroads - Our First Christmas Tree

Crossroads- the Man Who Walked On Water


Volume 3

Dragnet - Big New Year - 1956

Dragnet - A Gun/rifle For Christmas - 1952

Dragnet - Big Little Jesus - 1953

Four Star Playhouse - The Answer - 1955


Volume 4

Liberace show - 1954

Meet Corlis Archer - 1954

Ozzie And Harriet - A Busy Christmas

Racket Squad - The Christmas Caper – 1953


Volume 5

Racket Squad - The Story of Blessed Expense - 1952

Robin Hood - Christmas Goose - 1957

Scarlet Pimpernel - the Christmas Present - 1956

Four Star Playhouse - The Gift - 1953


Volume 6

Sherlock Holms - Case of the Christmas Pudding - 1955

The Nativity (Westinghouse Studio One) - 1952

The Ruggles

A Christmas Carol (as told by Vincent Price)



More from the Television Archives


A Carol for another Christmas – 1964

    Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Written by Rod Serling

    with Sterling Hayden, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Gazzara,

    Steve Lawrence, Robert Shaw, Peter Sellers & Britt Ekland


Scrooges RnR Christmas - 1984

The Association, Jack Elam, Bobby Goldsboro,

Mike Love, Mary MacGregor, Paul Revere & The Raiders,

Merrilee Rush, Three Dog Night & Dean Torrence


Christmas Carol (live musical) – 1979


A Television Christmas Carol

Here are Five classic versions from our television archives. First up is the 1954 Shower of Stars Kinescope with Fredric March as Scrooge and Basil Rathbone as Jacob Marley Followed by the 1958 production Hosted by March with Rathbone as Ebenezer Scrooge. Then a 1949 production hosted by Vincent Price. From 1982 its Rich Little with his W.C. Fields take on Scrooge. Finally the long unseen 1986 version with Robert Guillaume, Roscoe Browne & Geoffrey Holder in John Grin's Christmas - presented will all the original network commercials. All on 2 DVDs for $25




Our Christmas Features


Christmas Eve - 1947

    George Raft, George Brent, Randolph Scott,

    Joan Blondell, Virginia Field, Ann Harding,

    Reginald Denny, Douglass Dumbrille, Dennis Hoey


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – 1964

    Hoboken's own Pia Alfreda Schipani (Zadora)


The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t – 1966

Paul Tripp, Rossano & Lydia Brazzi, Sonny Fox


Beyond Tomorrow – 1940

    Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger,

    Maria Ouspenskaya, Richard Carlson, Jean Parker


Scrooge – 1935

    Seymour Hicks as Ebenezer Scrooge, with

    Maurice Evans, Barbara Everest & Philip Frost


Santa and the Three Bears – 1970

    Animated 45 minute version


Santa Claus (vs the Devil) – 1959

    A movie so bad it makes Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    Look like Gone With The Wind


The Cheaters – 1945

    Joseph Schildkraut, Billie Burke, Eugene Pallette,

    Ona Munson, Raymond Walburn, Ann Gillis, Ruth Terry

    Robert Livingston.


A Christmas Wish AKA Great Rupert from 1950

    (available in color or B&W)

    Directed by Irving Pichel

    Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake,

    Don Beddoe, Clancy Cooper, Frank Cady


It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947)
A homeless New Yorker moves into a mansion and along the way he gathers friends to live in the house with him. Before he knows it, he is living with the actual home owners.
Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Stars: Don DeFore, Ann Harding, Charles Ruggles