A freak 5 minute storm puts a young Queens musician out of work.

Joe Brent, currently attending UGA for his masters was visiting his Queens home when a storm tore up a tree, and destroyed his car - in it was his bass - more precisely; his double bass - a fine wooden instrument made in Germany in the late 1800s. Now he finds himself out of work - as the bass was his principle means of support - and out of transportation - a struggling musician can't afford comprehensive insurance. The sad bit of irony is - not a few complaints about the tree had been made over the past several years - the city said it was healthy - but the truth is - it was hollow. So on Thursday  June 24 - it toppled over - taking down power lines, FIOS lines, cable lines,  Joe's car, and his instrument.  The police and fire department were amazing - in their response time, and the work they put in - Con Ed was at the top of their game as well, and had power restored before nightfall. Verizion was on the job within 16 hours - But of the car and bass; twisted metal and splinters.

On June 29, the tree was cleared - the car remains :-(

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Joe remains available for tutoring (Bass, vocal, theory & piano) Contact him here.. Joe Brent

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